Of course, Perth is one of the best places to visit simply for everything it offers. But it is also one of the best places to go as a student. Enrolling in one of Perth’s world-renowned educational institutions can help you advance your career, especially if you want to work in fields related to technology, nursing or engineering.

The city is quickly becoming a favorite among local and international students, thanks to its rapidly evolving economy and vibrant culture. Here are a few of the most compelling reasons to study in Perth.

World Class Education and Top Universities

West Australia’s education system is widely regarded as one of the best in the world. It has four world-class universities, as well as a number of prestigious schools, English language colleges, and vocational schools that provide high-quality education. .

Many international students choose Perth as their study destination because the educational institutions in Perth ensure a rewarding and successful career. Curtin, ECU, Murdoch, and UWA are among Perth’s top four universities, which are spread across the city’s inner and outer suburbs.

Graduates have spoken about how studying in Perth has helped them advance in their careers. Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, and the University of Western Australia received 92.9%, 89.9%, and 89%, respectively for the number of graduates getting employed in a period of three years time.

Also, since Perth is a regional area, you will have advantages after graduation with an extra year in the post-study work visa so that is a huge plus point of studying in Perth.

Part-time Work Opportunities

International students can find a variety of part-time jobs in Perth. They can work up to 20 hours per week part-time. Part-time jobs assist international students in meeting their financial obligations while also providing opportunities to learn new skills.

Because Australia’s minimum wage is $20.23, part-time jobs allow international students to be more flexible with their schedules. International students can easily find work in a variety of fields, including hospitality, housekeeping, tourism, communications, administration, and teaching.

Technological Giant of a City for a Start-Up

Western Australia is becoming the epicenter for technological startups, and many of Perth’s educational institutions have industry connections in the field. Perth’s start-up and innovation ecosystem is rapidly evolving.

The number of active technology and digital start-ups in Western Australia has risen dramatically in recent years. Thousands of new jobs are created in the early stages of scalable technology businesses, which are supported by a robust network of shared workspaces.

Perth is the home of tomorrow’s technology, delivering excellence in automation, analytics, remote operations, and frontier technologies that will benefit Australia and the world.

Geography and Climate

The city of Perth is isolated, with the desert to the east and the oceans to the west. Located in the western coast of Australia, the climate in the city is Mediterranean. Summers are mostly hot and dry, while winters are wet and mild.

The city is blessed with lots of beaches and parks, so outdoor activities are a must. Overall, the city is warm and inviting, making it an excellent location for outdoor activities. Perth alone has 19 beautiful beaches. In the city, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy the Indian Ocean, and beaches like Scarborough, Cottesloe perfectly complement the view the ocean provides.

Perth’s beaches offer everything from fishing to snorkeling to surfing to outdoor enthusiasts. Students in Perth prefer to live close to their educational institutions, either by cycling or walking. Buses and other forms of public transportation are also available at very low prices to the beaches.

High Demand in the Jobs Market

Currently, employment is high in health care and social assistance, construction, retail, and education, with all of these industries expected to grow in the coming years, and with COVID sweeping the country, thousands of jobs are in desperate need of filling.

Furthermore, Perth is expected to face a skills shortage in the coming decade, with higher demand for jobs and lower supply, which means job seekers can choose from a variety of industries, including technology, nursing, engineering, social work, and more.

Enjoy an affordable student lifestyle

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Perth is one of the top 20 most livable cities in the world, when healthcare, education, infrastructure, and cost of living are included.

Because median rents in Perth are substantially lower than in larger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, you’ll have more time to devote to work and education that improves your professional development rather than focusing solely on your paychecks.

What can I do in Perth?