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Everyone has different personalities, experiences, goals and ambitions. At Work Study, we recognize the importance of treating each clients as a unique individual.

Here at Work Study, we do not make educational pathways for you; we prefer to map out your educational plans together with you so that you can have the best and most suitable pathway towards your goals in life.

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We are WorkStudy and we are a company based in Perth. WorkStudy has been helping people since 1997 in coming to Australia either for study or for work. We are a team of experienced individuals, of experience up to 15 years,  who are well versed in teaching people necessary skills to live in Australia .

Our consultants are always updated about the regulations set by the Australian government in order to obtain an Australian Visa, and hence are able to provide relevant information about courses and education providers, and guide our clients through the whole process. We present this information via our blogs which we update on a weekly basis. So please be updated with our blogs to know ongoing changes related to work, education and immigration in Australia :)

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