Education and Training Services

  • Choosing Schools with WorkStudy
  • Work-Study Programs
  • Education Services in Countries like:
    • Australia
    • New Zealand
    • UK
    • Europe
    • Canada
    • Dubai
    • Malaysia
  • Unique Diploma pathway programs for easy entry into Universities
  • Offshore programs for fields like Hospitality, IT, Aged care, Nursing etc.
  • Australian School programs

Check out this special pathway program for 2022. The diploma program in NIT Australia is an excellent opportunity for all international students wanting to go to Australia. It features a Diploma in Information Technology in three fields (Cyber Security, Networking and Web Development) and can be fast tracked as a pathway to an Australian university. Find out more here.

Student Visa Process

As veterans in this field, we know that the entire visa process is really lengthy and tiresome. Students are often confused about the process and require some guidance.

WorkStudy helps students with their entire student visa process for studying abroad. From applying in schools to getting ready for the interview, we will go hand-in-hand with you throughout the process.

Learn About The Student Visa Process

WorkStudy Programs

Along with all other services, WorkStudy offers specific programs in different countries like Australia, Malaysia and the USA where students can further their skills.

    • Internship and Trainee Programs in the USA
    • Professional year Programs in Australia
    • Study in Malaysia with MAHSA
    • Internship Programs in Japan

Some of our major programs are described in brief below.

Professional Year Programs in Australia

The Professional Year Program (P-Year) is a job-readiness program that bridges the gap between full-time study and professional employment in Australia. It is a program made for international students who have graduated from an Australian university. It runs for about a year and covers skill fields related to accounting, computer science and engineering in Australia.

These skills are targeted more in the Australian labor market since their demand is high. P-Year Programs are designed for students who want to apply for a PR in Australia. They help students to learn important industry related skills through experience so that they can be prepared for the Australian work field.

Learn more about P-Year Programs here.

WorkStudy and MAHSA University in Malaysia

WorkStudy is the official agent for MAHSA University of Malaysia. It is a world renowned university whose degree is recognized in UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and many other countries.


      • World Class Education
      • Globally Recognized Degree
      • PR Possibility after Graduation in Australia, Canada and more countries
      • Job Guarantee in countries like Thailand, Singapore post graduation
      • Technologically Advanced Schools Fully Equipped with the best practices
WorkStudy and MAHSA

Internship and Trainee Program in the USA

The J1-Student Visa for USA is mainly for work-and-study based visitor programs sponsored by an educational or other private institutions. Visa holders for the J1 are welcome to receive training, teach and study in the States related to a certain skill-set.

In the J1 visa, there are several programs that you might be interested in, but the Internship Program and the Trainee Program are what international students prefer the most.

The visa is a win-win situation for the students. The country is in need of labor force, and the students are in need of experience. Plus they can earn quite well there too!

If you as a student in Australia, Nepal or India want to gain relevant experience in USA, then you might want to look into the J1 Visa.

Internship and Trainee Programs in the USA

Online English programs for PTE, IELTS

WorkStudy works with professionals who are veterans in teaching students about the Whats and the Hows of the English Proficiency tests. If you are interested, contact us and we will help you enroll in the classes. You can also get a demo class before applying for it, and since it is online, you can join your classes in the comfort of your own room!

Work Related Services

  • Internship Programs (Business, Engineering, Nursing at local companies)
  • Study English & Work Program
  • Skilled Migration Programs
  • Educational trip to Nepal, India, Japan, Australia

Additional Services

  • Visa / Migration Services by AASAN Migration Service
  • Tax File Number Registration
  • Services for Bank Openings
  • Travel / Medical Insurance
  • Airport Transfer Service
  • Migration Services for Business, Investment or Permanent Migration
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Services marked in red are services that WorkStudy are working on to implement in the near future!!