Perth; a place where soft-sand beaches and parks meet the urban metropolis of creativity and innovation; is a place which everyone craves to visit. It is one of the few urban oases in Western Australia’s diverse landscape, and that’s why everyone loves it here.

With art galleries, breweries, creative restaurants, a relaxed neighborhood, cool events and even cooler people, Perth will not disappoint you. A trip to Perth is bound to be unforgettable.

Meet a Quokka on Rottnest Island

The lush vegetation, turquoise waters, and outdoor adventure are a plenty on Rottnest Island. In other words, everything you need for a fantastic day trip. You can go whale watching and even explore life underwater when you’re out there. Don’t miss out on the happiest animals there though, remember to take a selfie with the quokka!

Discover the hidden arts of Perth

The city’s abundant street art, such as the stunning murals of Fremantle, is easy to come across, but the city’s lesser-known artworks are worth seeking out. Take a stroll down Grand Lane to see a rainbow of street art while eating delicious fish and chips, or travel to Perth’s suburbs. The street art in Leeder Ville’s bustling neighborhood is constantly changing, but Oxford Street is a good place to start.

Visit the neighborhood markets

At Perth’s bustling markets, you never know what you’ll find. The city’s markets are a true adventure, with local honey, handmade clothing, organic ingredients, and more. With so many incredible items on offer, you’re sure to take home a piece of Perth. Here, you’ll see locals toting hessian bags and chatting with stallholders as they handle locally grown produce and handmade goods.

Relax in the magnificient beaches of Perth

Perth is almost unjustly endowed with spectacular beaches. Transparent blue water with incredible visibility meets sugary sand that appears to go on forever. You can stay until sunset and still get back to your hotel because there are so many idyllic escapes just minutes from the city. From dawn to dusk, expect to see locals enjoying the beach.

Indulge yourself in the modern architecture

Perth has architecture to excite history buffs and design lovers alike, from the gorgeous Victorian Gothic to the ANZAC Cottage and the iconic Old Mill. Recently, there has been a crazy buzz of modern architecture in the air around Perth, and the creations that this buzz has spawned have been magnificent. Perth has been engulfed by immaculate structures infused with modernity, and the people adore it!

Wander around the port town of Fremantle

Fremantle, or Freo, as the locals call it, is a charming waterfront district in Perth. Locals who enjoy busking, street art, and al fresco dining can be found on the city’s curving, colonial-era streets. Fremantle’s weekend markets combine art and photography with tie-dye T-shirts, hammocks, and a buskers’ corner to form the city’s beating heart, and the city has a lot more to offer.

Delight your taste buds in Ippudo Perth

If you want to taste authentic Japanese food, then Ippudo is definetely the place for you. And even if you are not, the food will probably still blow you away. With it’s comfortable seating area and quality Japanese food such as ramen and gyoza, Ippudo has been serving Perth a great deal. If you’re ever in Ippudo, try the Aburi Salmon sushi rolls, and don’t forget the chicken karaage!

Roam around Perth CBD

Perth CBD is the heart of the city where you can see this beautiful mixture of urban and suburban elements all around. This is where the busy metropolis meets the free spirit, a beautiful harmony of art, culture, technology and people. You can visit Elizabeth Quay, Kings Street, and other iconic places around the Perth CBD, or you can just roam around the vibrant city!