Life in Netherlands is pretty quaint, with it’s peaceful environment, modern lifestyle and a healthy mix of urban-suburban architecture. Top it off with great education and a competitive society, it is a perfect place to study for international students. But there are several things that a student must consider before going to the Netherlands that often cause a headache. From choosing universities to finding an affordable place to live, it is a severe headache. That is why we at WorkStudy have included some things you need to consider before starting your student life in the Netherlands.

Choosing a University

This is a good starting point when you’re thinking about starting your student life in the Netherlands. For a small country, there are plenty of great places to study here, so make sure that you research them all before you make your decision. If you are confused, you can always contact us and we will help you in finding the right university for you! You can choose universities in Amsterdam, Groningen, Rotterdam, Delft and Hague, where there are plenty of good universities.

When choosing universities, make sure to check your scholarship eligibility. There are several scholarships available for international students in the country so make sure that you are aware of all the scholarships that are you are eligible for. Some international scholarships include

  • Holland Government Scholarship
  • Amsterdam Merit Scholarship
  • Maastricht University Holland-High Potential scholarship
  • CSC-Leiden University Scholarship
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam – L-EARN for Impact Scholarship
  • Radboud Scholarship

Student Life

As an international student, you can join student organizations. In the Netherlands, joining student organizations is a big deal. We recommend you join in too. It’s excellent for your resume, it’s good for establishing friends, and it’s good for contributing to society in a constructive way.

There’s much more to the student life than just studying. Make sure you are involved in sports activities and university clubs. Also, spend some time in learning about insurance and allowance policies in NL since it will be of major help. As a student who will most probably also be working, you will need to get a proper health insurance.

Learn about health insurances in Netherlands from here.

Student Discounts

There are a lot, A LOT of student discounts everywhere in the Netherlands. From mobile contracts to discounts on daily goods, there are several cards which you can use to save tons of money! So make sure that you ask around for any student discounts. It WILL save you a lot of money. Some of these discount cards include the Dutch Cultural Youth Passport and the International Student ID Card.

Finding the Right Accommodation

One of the things you have to be specific while in Netherlands is the accommodation. Make sure to give plenty of time for finding the proper place to stay in. Most international students prefer living in campus, especially since they are cheaper and better, but seats are quite limited. So, the other reasonable option is to share an apartment with several other students.

Staying on campus means being surrounded by foreign vibes and meeting people from all cultures and backgrounds. Sharing an apartment with your new roommates may lead to closer friendships. At the same time, being in a flat with other people allows you to get a firsthand look at Dutch student culture.

Here, we have compiled approximate accommodation costs per month in Netherlands.

  • Living in a rented apartment – €420
  • Living with a partner/child – €570
  • Living in campus/ student accommodation – €300 – €600

Additional Costs

Whiie choosing your accommodation, remember that there are other costs to consider like gas, water, garbage and internet bills. Average utility and service costs average about €166 per month. If you are in Netherlands, you have to get a bike since it is the most popular choice of transportation there. But general transportation averages about €35 per month. Prices differ a lot in the big cities and small towns all across Netherlands but on average, an international student needs about €800-€1,100 per month in Netherlands.

You can know more about living costs in Netherlands from Numbeo.

These are just some of the things that you will need to consider before studying in Netherlands. Interested? Contact us for more details and we can start your process of studying in this beautiful European country!