Many international students and employees will find some solace in knowing that Australia will likely open its borders by December 2021, after virtually an 18-month travel ban. However, constraints will remain in place, and achieving a completely “normal” atmosphere will take some time.

The first goal, according to the press, is to ensure that citizens and permanent residents who have been stranded safely return to Australia. Then there are the skilled migrants and overseas students who are required.  Only fully vaccinated citizens and permanent residents will be allowed to travel and return to states that have attained the 80 % vaccine efficacy rate, like Western Australia.

Among all the states, WA has proven to be the most effective state in beating the virus, with almost no new cases being recorded . The state still has strict regulations however for all visitors and residents , and rightfully so. The entire country  is currently waiting for the 80% vaccine efficacy rate, which has been set as the benchmark for the opening of borders of the country.

“Having a vaccinated population particularly when we hit 80 per cent that means Australia will be able to open up, begin opening up to international travel again and there are three priorities; the first one is, of course, for Australians around the world to be able to come home if they are vaccinated and not be subject to any caps at our airports,” – PM Scott Morrison

National limitations on international flights in and out of the country are projected to be abolished “within weeks” under the Phase C of the federal government’s reopening plan, according to the prime minister. Morrison also announced that citizens and residents of Australia who are properly vaccinated will no longer be required to quarantine for 14 days. This will be a major step in bringing back a normal life to Australian homes.

Returning citizens who have got two doses of the vaccine can quarantine themselves at home for seven days but those who have not been vaccinated however will still be required to stay in a hotel for 14 days. The prime minister also emphasized that the country’s rapid vaccination rate in recent weeks had allowed it to stick to its reopening schedule. In Australia, 28 million doses of vaccines have now been provided.

The people who will be eligible to finally come to Australia will depend on the vaccination rates and staged opening of each country with reciprocal agreements between the state governments and the Australian government.