WA’s border settings, which are effective immediately, enable a path for students to return to WA in time for the start of the school year by selecting the “returning student” justification for entry. WA Police have begun a priority review of these applications. Students and their families who have already arrived in Australia are needed to self-quarantine for 14 days at a suitable location in addition to completing all other admission requirements.

Effective immediately, WA’s border settings provide a pathway to allow students to return to WA in time for the start of the school year, by selecting the “returning student” reason for entering. WA Police have commenced assessing these applications as a priority. Students, already in Australia, and their families captured by the approval are required to self-quarantine at suitable premises for 14 days in addition to meeting other entry requirements.

Based on the latest health advice, WA’s Safe Transition Plan has been updated with a new hard border from Saturday 5 February, 2022, in response to serious concerns around the impacts of the Omicron variant.

New hard border and approved travelers

Under the idea, a new hard border will be established to allow for safe, humane passage into Western Australia and the repatriation of lawful Western Australians. Because the full effects of Omicron in Australia are still unknown, and peak infections have not yet been achieved in jurisdictions with significant transmission, the modified plan means the full border opening will be postponed.

Under the new hard border, approved travelers are permitted to enter WA with testing and quarantine requirements under the new expanded exemption criteria:

  • Returning Western Australians with direct connections to WA
  • Family Members of approved travelers
  • Entering for Urgent Medical Treatment
  • State Officials, Parliament Members, Diplomats
  • Emergency Workers, Health Service Workers
  • Provision of Specialist Skills not available in WA
  • People required to attend Court Matters, Judicial Officers and Staff of Court
  • Special Considerations determined by CHO

Interstate travel

For Interstate travel, following requirements must be met:

  • Under the new exemption criteria, travelers must have a valid G2G Pass.
  • If eligible, receive a triple dose vaccination (or a double dose vaccination if not eligible for a third dose);
  • Within 24 hours of departure, provide proof of a negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT);
  • Subject to the mandatory use of the G2G Now app and any required in-person checks by WA Police.
  • Self-quarantine for 14 days at a suitable location, with the same requirements for household members at the self-quarantine location;
  • PCR testing will be required within 48 hours of arrival and on day 12 of self-quarantine, as well as household members on the traveler’s day 12;

International travel


International travel into WA will be permitted if one meets the following requirements:

  • To enter Australia under the arrivals cap, you must meet the Commonwealth requirements.
  • A valid G2G Pass is required for all travelers.
  • Subject to mandatory use of G2G Now and, if necessary, in-person checks by WA Police;
  • If eligible, complete 14 days of mandatory quarantine, including seven days in a hotel and seven days of self-quarantine at suitable premises;
  • On days one, six, nine, and twelve, PCR testing will be required, and household members will be required to do a PCR test on the traveler’s day 12;

International visitors who enter WA indirectly through another state or territory will face the same entry and quarantine requirements as domestic visitors. Further reviews of border controls will be considered over the course of the next month.