Fred and i first came to Perth as backpackers in a new but serious relationship, looking to find ways to reside in Australia permanently. Work study offered us free, friendly advice and a choice of pathways to reach our goal. I have no regrets that work study gave me the best possible advice to help me make the right decisions at the right time . I wish you the best of luck – just don’t wait too long!
Jenny & Fred, UK & France
HI, I found WS very helpful and especial thanks to Akiko who is always welcome and helpful .You aint see nothing yet!
Mohsen Nadi, Iran
Akiko and I have known each other through Work Study for 5 years now. She had provided me with advice on education and career pathways and has been very supportive throughout our friendship, even though I ceased to be her client after a while.

I was overage and was not eligible to apply for PR or sponsorship. However, through her encouragement and positivity, I managed to stay strong in my decisions and have now obtained a RSMS in for a position in Broome.

I am very happy with the result, and can now finally bring my family, especially my children to be with me here in Australia. I thank Akiko for her encouragement and her friendship and without her I will not be able to realise my dreams in Australia.

God Bless.

Mrs Sheena Andrews, India
Ladies and gentlemen

I am so pleased to tell you that my mum and I got our Permanent Residence in Australia. (YAY hahaha :D)

Cheers Akiko, Lucky me that one day I went to your office haha

I just want to THANK you all for your immense support, help and positive energy in this journey. All of you guys helped us to make it real. Thank you, Thank you and Big Thank you. you all.

Angela Garcia, Colombia
To begin with, I am a student in Australia for last 3 years. I met work & study team 3 years ago. I came from east part of Europe and I had no idea how to apply for school or even choose it. Akiko was the one who patiently explained me everything. It is very helpful for a person from other country. In addition, I lived in Perth for one year and then transferred to Sydney. All team helped me to transfer my studies, which was not easy I met many other agents but not either of them could compare with Work Study. They kept all documents & receipts for me even after 2 years after I left Perth!! I would highly recommend to choose this agency! Service is very quick, all team members has a lot of experience, they can advice you on any aspect of studies and life in Australia. I finished my Diploma in hairdressing and now I am applying for PR. Best team ever !
Sandra, East Europe
Dear Work Study! I have the privilege to support a young Indonesian lady by bringing her to Australia for English and TAFE studies. Work Study supported me by arranging the school enrollments for her. I have received such a wonderful assistance that it is difficult to put it into words. The ladies in this office are reliable, conscientious and hard working. I am fortunate to know them and to have the privilege to work with them. Thank you for everything you did for us. Yours Fr. Alexander
Fr. Alexander, Australian Father sponsors an Indonesian young student
我很高興可以找到WORK STUDY 這間仲介, 他們總是很有耐心很開心的替我服務, 從一開始我還不確定該如何選擇時, 他們真的給我很多好的建議, 甚至連簽證問題都給我很好的解答, 因為這樣我順利的選擇了我想念的學校. 從申請簽證到開始讀書, 所有遇到的問題他們都用最專業的服務幫我解決, 所以讀書期間我都非常順利. 現在跟他們就很像是朋友一樣, 我也推薦很多身邊的朋友去這間仲介, 他們也都順利的選擇想讀的學校. 他們的專業和服務真的很棒!!! 想在伯斯讀書的朋友, 這間仲介一定可以給你們很大的幫助.

Hello Akiko: How are you ??? I decided to go back to my country this month 27 morning. Thank you for helping me everything ^ ^ If I decided to come back to Australia again hope you can help me again.
My friend is also thinking about to change his visa to student or not. When he decides I will let you know ~~~ also help him ^ ^ Please come to Taiwan again. Hope can see you soon. AMY ^ ^

Amy, Taiwan
I and my husband have been seeing Akiko for at least 2.5 years. We came to Australia via another education agent in India. However, we did not receive much support from our Indian agent due to the distance. We decided to find a local agent to seek support and visited Work Study office and Work Study has been our consultant since. Akiko studied the migration regulations before and their staff understand the regulations and Australian education system also. They have a good list of school and course information to choose from for us. We feel secured as we have someone to visit when we need help. We are happy with their service and recommend Work Study to anyone!
Jacky, India
Akiko 的效率很快,又含有多年的经验,能直接针对我的疑问和状况给予解答,找出最适合我的方法。更重要的是她对有一副热情。
谢谢Akiko 跟WorkStudy团队的帮忙,让我能在澳洲有个美好的开始。

When I decided to study in Australia, I did a research and comparison on a number of Education Agencies based in Perth, and finally chose to go with Akiko.
Akiko is highly efficient and experienced and therefore is able to provide me with direct and personalized solutions to my enquiries and my situation. Most importantly, she has passion for her work.
Thank you Akiko and Work Study for helping me get a brand new start in Australia.”
Mu-En Hung(Kate), Taiwan:

” in preparing to apply for school id when the agent had a couple more, but I finally chose Akiko.

Akiko efficiency soon, also contain many years of experience, can direct response to my question and answer given the situation, find the most suitable for my methods. More importantly, she’s with a passion.

Thanks Akiko with Work Study team of help, let me be in Australia have a good start.

When I decided to study in Australia, I did a research and comparison on a number of Education Agencies based in Perth, and finally chose to go with Akiko.

Akiko is highly efficient and experienced and therefore is able to provide me with direct and personalized solutions to my enquiries and my situation. Most importantly, she has passion for her work.

Thank you Akiko and Work Study for helping me get a brand new start in Australia.

Mu-En Hung (Kate), Taiwan
I have been with Work Study since 2008. I had a problem with my student visa but did not know what to do. Then my friend told me about WS. They were very friendly and helpful. They contacted immigration and my school for me and solve the problem and their counselling was free of charge!
Sheena, India
ドルフィンセラピーを学びたいという目的でPerth に留学を決めました。渡豪する際は某留学エージェントを利用して、学生ビザで語学学校に入学。その学校でバンバリーにあるドルフィンディスカバリーセンターでのボランティアができるコースを発見。その際にWork studyにお世話になりました。その後Curtinの語学学校に移る際も、マッサージの学校の手続きもすべての学生ビザの手続の際にはお世話になりました。担当のあきこさんのアドバイスでワーキングホリデービザを就職活動期間にあてて、マッサージセラピストとしてPhysiotherapist と一緒にクリニックに就職。会社からのオファーで半年後にビジネスビザを申請して今はフルタイムで働いています。2年後にはパーマネント申請予定です。
Kazuko, Japan
I started a course but I did not like my course and wanted to change the course and school but I did not know what I had to do. WS gave me a free counselling and helped me to change school and course without stress!! I could change school and course without hassle because Work Study guided me and spoke to school. Thank you for your help.
Trang, Vietnam
I finished a course and wanted to study more but I did not know how to do it and how to renew my visa. Work Study helped me to choose a course and they did all paper work for me. They even helped me to renew my student visa so I could continue my study without any problems. It is very beneficial for me to have support from an agent who understands regulations and courses. Work Study also knows people from schools to deal with on behalf of us which make things lots easier and smoother! Thank you.
Anu, Nepal
We found “WorkStudy” a very professional and dedicated company. WorkStudy is the real friend of students in Australia to find a right pathway. Management is so much honest, helping and cooperative. We will suggest others to seek help from Workstudy in case of any difficulty.
Saima, Muhammad Asghar , India
I was very confused by talking among my friends about my study and visa. My friend introduced me to Work Study for consultation. Work Study has all information which international students want to know. They are very experienced and were able to answered my question. They listen to us and give us very useful advice.
Kate, Thailand
Dear All

Work Study is the best education agent I have ever used. They take 100% responsibility for their services.

Since I came to Perth from my country I have visited Akiko several times. She always sorts out my concern promptly.

Even when I had to go back to Taiwan to attend emergency issue, they made an arrangement for me. While I was in Taiwan for three months Akiko and Emiko always informed me what they have done and reminded me what I needed to do.

You definitely cannot imagine that I got my student visa approval faster than I had applied before.

They offer their services for FREE but they provide you the better service ever.

Christine Kao, Taiwan
When we decided to study in Australia for our future plan, we found it difficult to switch our Tourist Visa to Student Visa. Everyone, including other agents told us that because of our country assessment level, we will not be able to switch from Tourist Visa to Student Visa onshore in Australia and we will have to travel offshore in order to change our visa.

We came to Work Study office for consultation. Akiko and her team spent a good amount of time for our proper education plan for over 2 months. We were able to consider what we were going through is right.

Another difficulty was that we are applying for a student visa as a couple. We had to provide quite a few additional documentations with the immigration department with our application. But we were travelling for last 1 year prior and it was not easy to provide them. However, with the support of Work Study, we managed to swiftly go through our problems. With their professional advice and support, we managed to get our student visa within 1 month of lodgment and we got 3.5 years student visa now. We are now able to work and study in Australia to achieve our dream together.

Not only did Work Study help us with our education and visa situation, Akiko went out of her way and provided us with assistance in accommodation when we were having difficulties finding a place to settle in.

We are very happy and we know that without the support and friendly assessment from the Akiko, Emiko and all Work Study team who helped us we probably would not have been successful at this complicated process! We are so grateful for all attention Work Study is giving us, even after we received our visa. We are thankful to Work Study for their continuous support, encouragement and positivity in solving our problems together.

Marina and Joao, Brazil
Hi Akiko

Hope you are doing well. I went to ECU today and sorted out my exemption and Enrolment. Now I am successfully enrolled in all the units and exemption based on diploma would for 8 units. I will be studying 4 semester in Uni.

Thanks for all the effort you and your colleagues put up in my case and all the help that I got from Work Study. I would definitely recommend you to all my friends.

Jalees Waqar