Western Australian Government Schools

Western Australian public schools provide high quality education in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and colleges.

Government schools welcome students from other countries. They strive to ensure their learning experiences in Perth are both stimulating and educationally rewarding and the students enjoy their life in a different cultural environment

Lower secondary education (Years 7 – 10) maintains continuity of learning in the learning areas and enables students to concentrate on the development of knowledge and skills in accordance with their personal learning goals and needs. Students are provided with opportunities to participate in enquiry based learning, innovative thinking, problem solving and decision making.

Senior secondary education (Years 11 and 12) provides students with a wide range of programs to ensure they are well placed to qualify for secondary graduation and to gain University or TAFE entrance or employment. The students undertake the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and have the opportunity to pursue subjects of their choice in grater depth.

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