School Age

Primary education covers Years 1 – 7, with children normally entering Year 1 in the year they turn 6 and finishing Year 7 in the year they turn 12.


Primary education aims to build on the foundation for learning that is laid down in the non-compulsory years of kindergarten and pre-primary. The intellectual, moral, social and physical development of students is fostered in inclusive, safe and stimulating learning environments with activities integrated across eight learning areas: Mathematics; Science; English; The Arts; Technology and Enterprise; Society and Environment; Health and Physical Education; and Language Other Than English.

Teaching and Class Sizes

The students are taught by a specific class teacher for most of the day. Schools have specialist teachers for subjects like music, art, drama and foreign languages. The typical class size in primary schools is 25 – 30 students. Some classes consist of split year levels.

Choice of Schools

All primary schools with spare capacity and with the approval of the school principal are able to enrol international students. For the most part, it will depend on where the parent decided to live and which school has spare capacity.

English Support

Students are provided with English support programs at their school


Students are expected to do homework each week night. The amount required depends on the age of the child. Homework will relate directly to the learning programs of the student


Students must live with a parent or a blood relative for the duration of their primary school studies


The tuition fees for Primary schools are A$8,000 per year For a second child attending Years 1 to 7 the tuition fees are A$7,500 per year Overseas student health cover is approximately A$348 per year.