Now that Australia has eased border restrictions and is welcoming back students, workers from December 1, there are several things that need to be considered. If you are planning to return, especially on a student visa, make sure that you check the information in this article, since it will help your safe and stress free return to Australia.

Firstly, make sure that your student visa is valid. You must also check whether you have a valid e-COE and OSHC insurance or not. If not, make sure to follow necessary steps, or if you’re confused feel free to contact us.

Then, ensure that your vaccination certificate meets Australia’s requirements. You must be fully vaccinated with a TGA approved vaccine, and people outside Australia must provide certificates for the vaccine. Further, you must also obtain a negative COVID PCR test before travelling to Australia, and this too must be shown as proof that you are fit to travel.

Also, you must submit your Australian Travel Declaration online 72 hours prior to your departure. It should be attached with your vaccination certificate before your flight. After submission, you will get an email confirmation regarding your flight pass and it should be shown before you board your flight.

Even if you are not infected now, your pre-departure COVID-19 test may indicate a positive result if you have previously had COVID-19. In this instance, in addition to your pre-departure test, you’ll need to apply for COVID-19 prior positive medical clearance at least seven days before departure.

At the airport, you must verify your vaccination certificate. Before boarding, you will checked for:

  • Whether your vaccination status is valid
  • Your COVID-19 test(Must be negative)

Then, you should also obtain a COVID-19 nose and throat PCR test within 24 hours of arrival. You can do this in any testing clinic in your state, and it is free.

Additionally, you should also organize proper accommodation and transport after your arrive in Australia, You should contact your education provider for transport from the airport.

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