If you are ever in Perth and want to get the weight off your shoulders with Mother Nature, then you might want to visit Mandurah. For the peace seeking and the nature loving, Mandurah provides every aspect of serenity and peacefullness, with its ever so blue oceans, and its green surroundings. While in Mandurah, try out these things we have recommended for you!

Enjoy a boat cruise around the waterways with Mandurah Cruises⁠

While in Mandurah, scenic dolphin cruises through the city’s calm, inland waterways with the opportunity to encounter dolphins will leave you restless. Keep an eye out for diverse bird life including pelicans, ospreys & swans. On the vast wetlands, explore the city’s 20+ kilometers of illustrious canals, framed with luxurious homes. It is recommended to bring a camera, sunhat, sunscreen, sunglasses, warm top as it can get cool on the water.


A Risk Warning & Waiver must be signed at the Mandurah Cruises Booking Office & Gift Shop prior to boarding the vessel. This tour may operate in the reverse itinerary, depending on weather conditions.

Visit Lake Clifton and experience what life was like when the world began as you learn about the Thrombolites!⁠

Lying nestled between the WA coastline and Perth hills, the lakes in Mandurah are home to some of the most incredible natural wonders in the world, with Lake Clifton being one of the best spots to visit. The lake is a sanctuary for migrating birds, and if you visit the place, you will likely see animals like emu,wallabies, kangaroos and bungarras trotting along the edges of the lake.

The real treat still awaits though. In the lake, you will see the ancient descendants of some of the earliest life forms on Earth :The Thrombolites. Micro-organisms that cluster together to form rock like formations, these wonderous creations can date their ancestry back billions of years to a time when the Earth was a much different place.

Take a walk along one of Mandurah’s many magnificent beaches, try at sunset for something extra special!⁠

Mandurah’s pristine, uncrowded beaches are playgrounds for all ages and interests. Whether you’re after a family-friendly day by the seaside, a stroll along the shore spotting shells and marine creatures or an epic surf spot, Mandurah has it all.

On a crisp day with no wind, get up and take a walk along one of the many beautiful beaches, like Town Beach, Blue Bay, Mandora Bay Beach, and the Falcon Bay. The pictures speak for themselves, we don’t even have to exaggerate…

Explore the incredible Peel Yalgorup Wetlands in the Yalgorup National Park

Yalgorup National Park is a national park in Western Australia located on the western edge of the Swan Coastal Plain and contains a chain of about ten lakes, the name rises from the two Noongar words Yalgor meaning lake and up meaning place of. The area is part of the Peel-Yalgorup Wetland system with lakes such as Boundary Lake, Swan Pond, Lake Pollard, Lake Yalgorup and Newnham Lake.

To go kayaking on the wetlands system or to just set up a picnic enjoying the wildlife, people find a way to be one with nature in Yalgorup, and for them, Yalgorup is a dream destination.

Mandurah is one of the many places in Western Australia which features a violent beauty of nature and living. From good vibes to good sceneries, Mandurah has it all. Western Australia at its finest.

Photoes are the courtesy of @visitmandurah and The Department of Conservation,Australia