Although Perth is considered one of the most isolated cities in the world, due to its distance from another major cities in Australia, it is also one of the world’s most liveable cities (currently ranked 6th globally – according to the 2021 EIU Report) making it an excellent and worthwhile travel experience! Perth will appeal to your cultural and exploratory desires with its extravagant multicultural ambiance. Whether you are strolling down the street for an impromptu walk, soaking up some sunshine, or searching a place to celebrate a special occasion, Perth’s restaurant scene WILL catch your eye. Here, we have shared six of the best restaurants around Perth to indulge in. Go on, spoil yourself with this array of multi-cultural cuisine on offer.

Le Rebelle

An elysium for the romantic, Le Rebelle is the perfect spot to go to before or after a show at The Astor with your significant other. Located in a quaint neighborhood around Beaufort St, it is inspired by the romanticism of old world Paris and NewYork bistros. A three tier restaurant comprising of a lively bistro, an ornate wine bar and a lavish dining area , Le Rebelle makes for a great date night, with a wide variety of exotic European and Australia wine to sample in between plates of delicious novelties.

Customers of Le Rebelle have reviewed the place for its great menu choices. The Parisian gnocchi is a classic and the steak tartare is on a league of its own. Service is deemed excellent and the place is a must-go for all food enthusiats. If you ever visit Le Rebelle, must try the peach negroni. Complement it with the Battles Shiraz by the glass, it will leave you in absolutely in awe!

“This is our house and you’re our guest.”- Le Rebelle

Long Chim

Often touted as one of the most authentic tastes of Thailand in Perth, Long Chim dishes out the explosive flavours of modern Bangkok to Perth’s state buildings. Long Chim hosts a menu for a handful of curries, stir fries, noodles, salads, desserts and more, personally selected by David Thompson, who is renowned as a world authority on Thai food .

It is a fun place to go; loud, brash and unashamedly like a street style cafe. Inspired by the very food stalls of Thailand, Long Chim serves up fresh, authentic flavours amid a lively restaurant scene fitted with quirky graffiti and open brick walls. The food is authentic not just in looks, but also in flavour and spice – it is HOT, as it should be!

As the name simply states in Thai: “come and taste” – your tastebuds will thank you.

Lulu La Delizia

A small Italian eatery by Rokeby Road (Forrest Walk) Subiaco, Lulu La Delizia’s pride is its premium fresh pasta and the fresh taste of North-East Italy. The food here is crafted by years of Italian tradition and technique, which is neatly represented as art in every bowl of pasta they serve. Complemented with predominantly Italian and Australian wines, you will taste the craft honed by practicing a wide variety of techniques, equipment and recipe. The prized possession of the restaurant, the silky and luxurious texture of delicious Italian pasta will keep you wanting for more.

And even better than the food, the service is textbook definition of exceptional.  The owners, chefs and floor staff of this venue are friendly, and bring true tradition of Italy on the footsteps of Perth. If you visit Lulu La Delizia, don’t forget to try fresh bread with butter and anchovies to accent your palate, and try not to drool while waiting for the Saffron spaghettini with Clams!

“We really want to put the focus back onto the pasta itself.”- Lulu La Delizia


A modern-esque eatery built within a now converted bus garage, on Queen Victoria Street in the heart of North Fremantle, Propeller is a restaurant that gives a whole new meaning to feasting. With seasonal menus that are spiced up with inspirations from the sands of the Middle Eastern and Levantine regions, Head Chef Kurt Sampson makes sure that your time here is a good experience, bringing in oceans of flavors from these dishes.

In addition to all that, the crew’s raw improvisations of these Middle Eastern dishes, with hints of West Australia added to it makes the experience here just that much better. If you stumble upon this funky, colourful and vibrant place down in Fremantle, don’t forget to try the Musakhan chicken served with caramelised onion manouche and the wood-fired pizzas, both of which are genuine crowd pleasers. And don’t leave your seats before you try the famous Habibi BBQ!

“Whirl like a dervish as our chefs take you on a flavoursome Middle Eastern journey”- Propeller


Craving pizza? Then Monsterella is just the right place for you. Handmade, wood-fired pizzas with tempting selections, Monsterealla provides one of if not THE best pizzas in Wembley all week long. Like the saying “Il Nostro Cibo”,  Monsterealla is simple and homey and caters to people of every age. The pizza here is just perfect. The dough is fermented for atleast 48 hours and is baked in a hot, wood-fired oven, and the result is just pure bliss to ones mouths.

The dough is just the beginning. Made from San Marzano tomatoes, the sauce is a staple in Monsterella. With a beautiful combination of condiments, sauce, dough and cheese, you will thank the gods you tried the pizza here . Unlike the typically saucy Naples-style pizza traditionally eaten with a knife and fork, Monsterella’s pies are sturdy enough to be eaten with fingers. As if that wasn’t enough, head just a few doors down to their neighbouring wine bar Mummucc for your next date night – it’s the sibling to Monsterella that’s all grown up.

“The Monsterella speciality is the handmade wood-fired pizza, homemade Italian pasta & Insalata.”- Monsterella


Situated below the Art Deco apartment block, the “Lawson” in Perth, Balthazar is in itself a vibe. Exuding an exuberance of a New York-y restraurant, Balthazar is a sophisticated setting which serves as a spot for refined Modern Australian dining. The menu is as intimate as the ambiance itself, clever and carefully prepared with a focus on local produce which is beautifully complemented by the impressive wine list.  Much like their  food, the carefully selected wines are aimed to take diners on a whole new journey.

Since the beginning, with its funky atmosphere and Oz oriented cooking such as Tartare, Terrine, Kangaroo loin and Duck fat potatoes, Balthazar has established itself as a go to spot for all people vising Perth. If you visit, dont forget to get the beef carpaccio with watercress and aged cheddar. The thinly sliced beef with the salty cheddar cheese elevates the dish to something heavenly. Also, try the crispy pork belly, roasted Pineapple and scallops and try leaving a negative review , I bet you could not.

“Balthazar’s wine list, a magnet for wine enthusiasts, remains one of the finest in the city.”- WA Good Food Guide

Perth is home to some of the greatest restaurants you will find globally, and you have the opportunity to taste almost everything you can think of! From food that is fresh from the sea, to food created from different cultural influences, be it Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern, Vietnamese, Thai, Malaysian, Brazilian, Colombian and so on…Perth has it all! So, if you are a food enthusiast and wish to tickle your taste buds, explore the streets of Perth and you won’t be disappointed!