What is a pathway program?

While you might be a bright student, there are times you might be unable to get admission into an Australian institution of choice owing a variety of factors. But this should not discourage you from pursuing your dream as you can always explore the Pathway options to succeed in your study in Australia aspirations.

Pathway programs are a unique concept and an integral part of Australian education system, allowing students the flexibility to study in their desired Australian educational institution, even if they are falling short on entry requirements (academic and English language), or missing the cut-off for their preferred program by some margin. These programs present an easier way to get enrolled in your desired course and universities making you eligible to pursue the same with ease. In this set up, once you have completed your diploma program, you can start with your second year in a bachelor’s program (with credit exemptions) via a degree pathway; resulting in completion of your bachelor’s degree in a stipulated time.

 Why Pathway Programs to move forward with your degree

Pathway programs smoothen your journey

If you want to study in an Australian university after having completed your class 12th from your home country but you don’t meet the direct entry requirements (Academic/ English language requirements) of your desired undergraduate program. In such as case, you can opt for a pathway program – get enrolled in a diploma program of a related stream and eventually advance to second year of a bachelor’s degree in your desired course upon having completed your diploma qualification.

Pathway programs make it easy to adapt

The diploma leading to a university pathway degree articulation is an effective learning technique for international students. It makes you easily adaptable to the study methodology, helps build a strong foundational base, and identify problem areas, approaching which with an analytical mind helps you become more self-reliant. Diploma in a particular stream can help you pick a specialised degree to advance your career.

For instance, a diploma in Business may lead into a bachelor’s program in Accounting, Business Law, Economics, Marketing, International Relations and so on. Similarly, a diploma of Information Technology, may lead into degree programs like Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Game Development, Computing Science.

Pathway programs are cost effective

Pathway programs are easy on the pocket as well, considering the tuition fee for a diploma program is lower than bachelor’s first year tuition fees. This not only helps in bringing the cost of education down, while studying at the university of your choice, but also helps you graduate with two degrees (diploma and undergraduate degree) at a cost of one.

With lower entry requirements and a personalised approach; pathway programs offer the students a perfect opportunity to study at top Australian universities and institutions, even if they are falling short on entry requirements. Plus, it helps in improving fundamentals of your chosen steam, communication skills and awareness before you lead into a degree program, eventually translating it into a successful career.


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