Perth, the capital of WA (Western Australia) often known as one of the sunniest cities in the world, houses more than 2 million people and is a city worth taking note of. It is a very special city, one that is isolated from all the other large cities in Oz and one that has a suburban feel to it than other big cities because of the fact that it is so spaced out. The people here are friendly and the atmosphere even friendlier! It is a hub for urban art, diverse culture, beaches and technology and offers a warm, relaxed lifestyle with a touch of city living. If that is your piece of cake, then Perth is definitely a good choice for you!

If there was ever a city that shouts relaxation and comfort, Perth would definitely be one. From its grand beaches to its sunny weather, it is paradise for people seeking a comfortable experience. Walking along the beaches of Scarborough and Cottesloe in the evening, with a cool breeze blowing off of the Indian Ocean only complementing the view, one is bound to fall in love with Perth and its laid back lifestyle. With its sunny and relatively dry weather, Perth has tons of outdoor activities and adventurous activities you can enjoy. Whether it’s kayaking on the water, hiking on land or sky diving in the air, you are sure to find an activity that speaks to your sense of adventure all within the vicinity of Perth.

Another one of Perth’s essence is how outgoing people are in here. Maybe it’s because of the diversity, but you will find lots of friendly and generally all round nice people in here to socialize with. From casually strolling around the ports of Fremantle to taking part in the funky, quirky nightlife in Northbridge, people here enjoy socializing. You can relax and visit the boutiques on King Street or taste local wines sitting atop rooftop bars in Elizabeth Quay, admiring the beautiful view of the Swan River. You can also appreciate the art here. With countless galleries, music theaters, modern graffiti, art museums, cultural centers and public arts in display, Perth comes alive with a mix of music, theatre and visual art, and for a casual stroller, this type of vibrancy is definitely appreciated.

While Perth IS famous for its free suburban lifestyle, it also has a corporate side to it. Perth has a booming economy stemming from jobs related to trade, health, education, community and personal services and with technology giants like Appbot,Touchgram and Healthengine , Perth ( often called PerthCBD ) is a perfect place for technological start ups. Much of this technological boom comes from its major economic industry of mining and other industries associated with it, which when combined amount to almost 50 percent of the jobs in Perth. So looking for jobs in these sectors will definitely land you a good wage job since the job demand in Perth is very high.

Perth also appeals to international students seeking quality education since it has top quality universities which provide ample amount of opportunities to them. Curtin University, one of the largest and the most prestigious universities in Western Australia has more than 50,000 students, of which a third are international. Perth is also relatively affordable than other Australian cities! Every year ‘The Economist Intelligence Unit’ publishes a report on the cost of living in the world’s major cities and according to it, living in Perth is cheaper than living in most of other major Australian cities.

A city with a distinct harmony in urban and suburban life, Perth is every person’s destination. The comfort it provides only adds to the fact that it is a GREAT place to start a family, with quality education, healthcare and safety .If given the opportunity, do not miss out. Visit Perth and become a Perthite yourself!