With the advent of interest in international education in recent times, Australia has been a popular hub for people wanting to study and work alike. According to a recent data in 2017, a total of 800,000 international students were recorded to be studying in Australian universities! So the major question that is in hand is… Why? Why are so many students attracted to studying in an island so often called Down Under?

Well, the answer is simple (and attracting!). Australian universities provide a wide range of scholarships, grants and aids to international students based on academic merit, sports and other skills of an individual. Students are also drawn to Australia because of its high position in innovation and technology, coming in head to head with countries like the UK and USA. On top of that, Australian academics and degrees are modern, practical and flexible which means educational diversity and job security in a global standpoint. With tons of job opportunities and internship availability, Australia is an excellent country for a student to graduate from.

Australia also appeals to students wanting to work and study simultaneously. With the provision of work-study financial aids and international students getting the opportunity to work for up to 20 hours a week, students wanting to accumulate work experience and an income while studying can freely do so.

The official website of the Australian government for students has enlisted nine reasons for people to come study in Australia . The reasons are enlisted as follows:

  • Innovative Approach to Studies
  • Global Ranked Institutions
  • Work Experience while Studying
  • Extensive Student Support Services
  • Safe and Secure Learning
  • Multicultural Society
  • Great Australian Outdoors
  • High Standard of Living
  • Employment Opportunities


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